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Azealia Banks posted freakish videos to her Instagram on Thursday.

She claims the birds were slaughtered in the name of "brujeria", which is a form of witchcraft. She then tells her followers that she's cleaning out her bedroom where she has been sacrificing chickens for three years.

At one point she even says "Real witches do real things", before beginning to scrape all the grime off the floor. "I got my sandblaster, my goggles, it's about to go down".

The Harlem native posted a series of videos to her Instagram story showing a closet covered in what she wrote was blood and feathers. Take a look at the full list (below)! Some have speculated that Banks has been sacrificing farm chickens in there.

Azealia Banks at Nylon after dark garden party
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Capping her harrowing revelation off with: "Real witches do real things".

This was before she posted a picture of blood stains on the wall, complete with a skull symbol.

In today's WTF news, Azealia Banks apparently has a room in her house she uses exclusively to kill and sacrifice chickens.

Banks' new video caps a controversial year for the rapper, who also revealed she suffered a miscarriage earlier this month (Dec16).