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Alameda County Sheriff Sgt.

In the caption he just says, "Oakland reminds me of #JerseyCity at times", perhaps referring to similar underground event spaces there.

Federal investigators said Wednesday the fire started on the ground floor and soon was raging, with smoke billowing into the second level and trapping victims whose only escape route was through the flames.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire, but a faulty refrigerator has been mentioned as a possibility. Though there has been no final determination about whether a crime occurred, the district attorney has said potential charges could range from involuntary manslaughter to murder.

Sheriff's officials said they don't think additional bodies will be found.

She said the situation is rather like the chicken-and-the-egg problem: Did an appliance ignite the fire or did wiring to an appliance set the appliance on fire? Officials found 36 victims inside the large warehouse and most were in their 20s and 30s. In Oakland, squalid conditions, combined with discarded furniture and poorly built infrastructure, turned such a warehouse into a tinderbox that resulted in the death of 36 people, officials said. Residents estimate 20 to 25 artists lived there.

Authorities say most of the victims were trapped on the second floor when smoke and fire raced up the two staircases inside the warehouse. Among them were reports of garbage piled up on the property and a notice of "illegal interior building structure" just three weeks ago.

Video obtained by NBC News shows police inside the building in October, raising questions about whether the city knew people were living in the warehouse and were aware of safety issues.

"What I think is awful is that we are taking this tragedy where 36 people have lost their lives and utilizing it for a political platform", she said. The power went out inside the building when the fire started and the flames blocked the building's only exit, making it hard for people inside to escape, an official briefed on the ongoing investigation told ABC News.

The warehouse was zoned as a commercial building. They are my friends.

As officials wrap up the grueling task of helping families and loved ones cope with their loss, the focus now turns to the expertise of fire investigators seeking a cause.

"You need to have a plan how you're going to get out before you need to use it", said St. Cloud Fire Marshal Mike Post. Almena told ABC affiliate KGO on Sunday.

The site was damaged in a fire in 1988, but additional information on that incident was not immediately available.

Almena confirmed in a 2015 document that child welfare workers visited the warehouse at least twice.

Oakland officials on Tuesday declared a state of emergency.

Most recently, Oakland city inspectors received complaints on November 13 about the warehouse being remodeled into residences and on November 14 about an "illegal interior building structure". A day prior to that, the building's owner was notified of a code violation.

There are a ton of garbage piling up on the property on 1305 31st Avenue.

The city's Public Safety Committee recently approved an agreement between the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Department of Building and Safety and the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department to try to address hoarding conditions like those that existed in Oakland, according to a statement from the city. "Last weekend, my home city of Oakland, California suffered a horrific tragedy".

Another ATF team of mapping experts is also expected to arrive Friday at the scene where 36 people died in a raging fire on December 2, the largest number of people killed in a single building fire in the United States in 13 years.

A building inspector who went to the warehouse left after being unable to get inside and later sent a request to the owner to gain entry.

"Los Angeles is a big city", he said.