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Andrew Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants and President Donald Trump's choice to run the Department of Labor, is withdrawing his name from consideration for Labor Secretary.

Andrew Puzder's bid to become the next Secretary of Labor appeared on the verge of collapse Wednesday, with up to a dozen Republican senators now uncertain whether they'll back the fast-food executive.

Puzder, who was CEO of CKE Restaurants - the parent company of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's - is a vocal opponent of raising the minimum wage and of the Affordable Care Act, arguing that the policies result in lower employment rates.

That was followed shortly by reports that Puzder himself was planning to withdraw his nomination before his confirmation hearing, scheduled for Thursday morning.

Puzder needed at least 50 votes to pass with the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Mike Pence, and Republicans only hold control of 52 seats.

"Mr. Puzder is a awful choice to head the agency charged with ensuring that women and men are treated fairly in the work place", she said.

When asked whether the Oprah tape would be brought up in Thursday's confirmation hearing for Puzder, Murray replied: "There is a lot to bring up tomorrow..."

Personal issues also complicated the restaurant executives nomination. On the podcast Pod Save America, President Obama said that he thinks American legislators "probably have to be more creative about anticipating what's coming down the pike".

Democrats sharply criticized Puzder's nomination, as Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said he "is so anti-working people that it's appalling".

The Massachusetts Democratic Party, meanwhile, contended that Puzder's decision to withdraw from his labor secretary nomination, is "a win for working families in Massachusetts and across the nation and is just one of many examples of the early unraveling of the Trump Administration".

What's different about the Trump-Puzder approach is not acceptance of the inevitability of automation, but the acceptance of all the negative social consequences that may very well come with it.

The two divorced in 1987, and months after her appearance on Oprah, Fierstein recanted her domestic abuse charges as part of a child custody agreement.

Representatives for Puzder vehemently deny the allegations against him. Whether asked about wage fairness issues, discrimination in the workplace, the role of union labor, automation, outsourcing or any of the other challenges facing US workers, Puzder is expected to espouse fairly traditional Republican values.

He also said in the statement he and his wife paid back taxes for it.

But he also said Trump's proposals to build a border wall, stiffen enforcement and defund cities that provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants were reasonable.