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Under the U.S. Constitution, the vice president also serves as president of the Senate, with the power to cast votes only when there are ties on nominations or legislation.

The state Republican Party is celebrating Betsy DeVos becoming U.S. Education secretary, and has sent a public invitation for her to visit the Tar Heel state.

Scott defended DeVos against a narrative that suggests she will let power go to her head and fundamentally change our education system.

Usually, big campaign donors are awarded with an Ambassadorship, not a cabinet post, let alone one as important as the the department of education.

Sen. Whitehouse said his office received about 3,000 calls with 99% of them voicing opposition for DeVos. "Education is a foundational concept for our democracy, our communities, our economy and really the future of the United States, and my hope is that she can work more toward MA in terms of how to have really strong public schools and access to them for all students". These senators are Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who are both members of the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. During an interview with TIME shortly after news of her confirmation broke, Noah weighed in on what it might mean for the future of education in America.

Now that DeVos is officially in charge, many with children in public schools are anxiously holding their breath, since one of her signature issues is school choice, which allows public education funds to be diverted to private, religious, and for-profit schools.

The other 50 Republican senators and Pence likely endangered the future of public school students by confirming her position. "I was proud to support Betsy DeVos' nomination and look forward to working with her to help all students succeed".

Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado called DeVos' nomination "an insult to school children and their families".

Yup, that's something she actually said.

"Vice President Pence's trip down Pennsylvania Avenue today shows just how hard Republicans have had to work to stack and jam President Trump's underqualified and conflicted nominees through the Senate", said Whitehouse Tuesday.