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"The president's intention here is right".

"However, I've always believed you need to make those decisions based upon intelligence, not on generalizations", Christie added of immigrant and refugee vetting.

"The rollout of this executive order was bad - the way people were not involved or consulted", Christie said. In some cases, customs officials detained travelers ― including legal permanent citizens with green cards ― without a lawyer. "He has been very clear that it is extreme vetting", Spicer told reporters.

Christie also dismissed critics who say the order is intended as a ban on Muslims. "However, when so few express confidence in executive and legislative leadership, entrusting government with something as important and personal as recovery management is a tough sell", said Krista Jenkins, director of PublicMind and professor of political science, in the released survey findings.

Christie backed Trump during the campaign and served as Trump's transition chairman.

The governor has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since falling out of Trump's favor. "This is narrower than that", he said.

"He did not pick these countries based upon their religion", Christie said.

"The President deserves much better than the rollout that he got of this plan", Christie said Tuesday.

"All I know is, it doesn't make us look good detaining 5 year olds at airports", said Williams to Christie. "And those mistakes are unacceptable".

The executive order announced late Friday was primarily written by Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

Christie said he doesn't disagree with Trump's desire to prevent a potential terrorist attack and that most people would agree with that. "There was confusion in the enforcement that went on here".

Trump's order to curtail immigration unleashed a wave of disruption over the weekend.

The targeted counties now have 678 adult psychiatric beds, according to a call for applications published by the New Jersey Department of Health.

"I don't think that that's the right direction to go, to not enforce the order".

He also said that almost 900 refugees would be granted waivers under the order because stopping them would cause "undue hardship".

"The carve outs for religious minorities", the governor answered, "is to make sure that those people who are being discriminated against due to their religious beliefs in those countries can come to America", said Christie.

"Some of the knee-jerk reactions from Democrats have been a little bit shameful, too", he said.