Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo's beloved premature baby hippo, drank more from her bottle Monday than ever before, and zoo officials said she weighed in at nearly 37 pounds.

The daughter of Henry the Hippo, a former resident of Springfield's Dickerson Park Zoo, took her first steps over the weekend. Zoo officials in a Sunday afternoon blog post asked the public to "keep the positive vibes coming". Last week, the facility named the hippo calf Fiona, which means "fair".

However, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens staff yesterday filmed Fiona taking her first steps. But "every baby needs a name", they said.

Staffers have been working to help Fiona grow, get stronger and learn to nurse on her own. She weighed just 13.15kg, when baby hippos are normally 25-54kg. Bibi learned how to lean in and stay still for the weekly ultrasounds zoo staff gave her throughout her pregnancy.

Fiona is a resident of Cincinnati Zoo and was born 6 weeks too early.

That's very important because she wasn't able to stand and nurse, straight from her mother.

And Bibi's milk has another use.