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Limited editions such as the Anniversario, Miura Homage, Pirelli Edition, Super Veloce and the Veneno Coupe and Roadster are all affected by this recall. These examples of the rare Veneno have since appreciated in value; Automobile Magazine reported in March 2016 that one specimen was listed for sale for ₹ 74.30 crore ($11.1 million).

The recall covers the NZ$550,000 Aventador and the Veneno models which sold for between NZ$5.6 million to NZ$6.3m.

As part of its remedy program, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. shall notify all the owners of the affected vehicles to have them arrange for an appointment with an authorized Lamborghini dealer. Apparently gas vapors from the exhaust system could become dense enough to combust when coming in contact with the hot gasses from the rear of the vehicle. If this happens, excess fuel vapors can come into contact with hot exhaust gas and ignite.

Lamborghini said in 2013 that it would sell only three units of the Veneno for 3 million euros each, roughly ₹ 26.77 crore at the time.

In this recall, all Venenos and around 1,500 Aventadors in the United States are said to be at risk. Certain actions, such as revving the auto while idling, can put fuel vapor close enough to the hot exhaust system to create a fire risk.

Legendary Italian automaker Lamborghini recently announced that it is recalling 5,900 luxury cars after reports of some of them catching fire. Meanwhile, affected Lamborghini supercar owners will be notified about this from February 24 to March 24. The company also said that this new system upgrade will include a new layout.