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Following millions of votes cast to preserve other favorite pieces in manufacturer Hasbro's recent "Token Madness" campaign, the thimble came in dead last in the popularity poll. More old pieces could be dropped when Hasbro announces the results of the voting on March 19. It's a world where these damn kids today probably don't even know what a thimble is, or why they're playing Monopoly.

The auto, thimble, boot, top hat, iron, and battleship were part of the original 1935 Monopoly with the Scottie dog and wheelbarrow being added in the 1950s.

Hasbro said on Thursday (16 February) that the token did not receive enough votes to remain in the latest version of the game.

Back in January, Monopoly asked fans to vote on whether or not they should keep their iconic eight tokens. Of the original pieces, only the shoe, top hat, and auto remain.

"But it isn't as relevant to modern America - unlike other older tokens like the vehicle or boot".

For the first time in Monopoly's 82 years, the public's deciding on all eight of the game pieces. As to what will replace the Thimble, there are a medley of potential candidates that were nominated for inclusion in the next-gen take on the game - ranging from a Tyrannosaurus Rex to Sliced Bread. Among the possibilities: hashtag, penguin, rubber duck, TV, watch and an emoji of Mr. Monopoly.

The new Monopoly piece will arrive to a board game near you in August 2017.