But the former Heisman Trophy victor remains on the negotiation list of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, which gives them CFL exclusivity to him.

And he has himself to blame.

"We are investigating. The 'Riders tell us that they did not work out Manziel", the league said, via GreenZoneFootball.com.

Albeit, without the championship. The report added the Riders didn't secure permission from the Ticats to put Manziel through his paces. "Should other evidence come to light, we will deal with it accordingly".

The problem is that the CFL rules state that only one team can have an American play on its negotiation list.

The Roughriders have called B.S. on the report claiming NO workout took place - but the CFL says it's investigating nonetheless.

Per TSN in Canada, Rough Riders G.M. Chris Jones said his team is considering legal action against 3DownNation, a site devoted to the CFL that made the initial report. One of those penalties was for a roster violation that led to a $60,000 fine.

Manziel now appears willing to attempt a comeback through the CFL.

Manziel has been itching to return to football. Manziel says that he's been clean and sober for more than a month and is staying off the party circuit, and just hopes some National Football League team will "Give me a chance".

"If I played in a preseason game, I'd treat it like the Super Bowl", Manziel told autograph seekers. "So I think that's kind of where he is".

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are once again under the CFL microscope for alleged violations.

Following defence of those charges, Manziel's attorney expressed concerns about Manziel's ability to stay clean. According to the Sporting News, he's also willing to volunteer to take drug tests to prove that he's clean to any National Football League team that might be interested in him.