"[The album is] the one she's always wanted to make - filled with the hymns she grew up with", Rory continued. Joey+Rory took the Grammy award for the Best Roots Gospel Album for "Hymns".

It's been nearly a year since country star Joey Feek died from cervical cancer, leaving behind her husband and musical partner, Rory Feek, and their baby daughter, Indiana.

Rory, 51, accepted the award ahead of the televised Grammy Awards, delivering a heartfelt acceptance speech about Joey and their lives together. "She didn't have the chance to do it until she'd been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so she'd sing in hotel rooms while she did chemotherapy and radiation", Rory Feek said at Sunday's awards ceremony.

"This is to my wife", he said. "She said, 'If we get nominated, promise me you will come.' I said, 'I will.' And, she said with a smile, 'Remember, if we win, I'll know before you know.' This is to my wife".

"Now I am even more thankful that I am going because she did want me to go", Rory told the Associated Press.

Joey + Rory was nominated for best country duo/group performance for their song, "If I Needed You", but instead of attending the live event, the two watched the show from her childhood home near Alexandria, Indiana. The pair share a daughter IN together who is turns three on Friday. But, she [might be] playing outside with her grandma. And, she's just precious. Joey's mother is with her, and also my daughters [Heidi and Hopie, both adults]. So, it's a big week for us. Joey Feek died of cancer in March of 2016.

The country singer writes about the couple's relationship in his new book, This Life I Live: One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever.