The feature essentially works as an extension of the Mobile and Pay functionality Starbucks launched back in 2015, which allowed customers to avoid annoying queues by ordering in advance online.

Much like Google Assistant and Apple's Siri, My Starbucks Barista has the capacity to function both as a voice-enabled assistant and a chatbot - and also maintains the ability to customize your orders according to your personal preference.

It would also appear that Starbucks is working with Amazon in order to integrate Barista with Alexa so that users can just replicate their orders for when they want to have it the next time around.

The beta test is now beginning, but is limited to a small set of 1,000 iOS users in the USA, with "a phased rollout" estimated to begin on a larger scale this summer. Sounds like an easy way to get your caffeine throughout the day, but what if you don't have an Amazon Alexa?

Starbucks announced on Monday Echo owners can now enable the "Starbucks Reorder" skill and, with a voice command, tell Alexa to reorder food and beverages for pickup at a preferred store.

It's a notable partnership between the two Seattle-based retail and technology titans.

To make orders, customers must create a Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay account so orders are preset and paid for before entering a local Starbucks location. Starbucks has been increasingly going digital, while Amazon is launching more physical retail stores. But the vocal ordering process appeared seamless in the video presentation-and Starbucks promised that orders will be booked accurately. The company has described it as being the "next step toward evolving the digital customer experience". "We expect to learn a lot from these experiences and to evolve them over time", he added.

While the new feature is only available in a select few nations, Starbucks said that a broad roll-out of the voice ordering feature is planned to be pushed out throughout summer.

The voice command is now available for the Starbucks iOS app, but Starbucks said they are planning an Android version later in the year.