Syria's President Bashar Assad says in an interview that there are "definitely" terrorists among the millions of Syrians seeking refuge in the West.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is rejecting U.S. President Donald Trump's call for the creation of "safe zones" inside Syria for refugees fleeing violence in the war-torn nation.

Trump signed an executive order during his first week in office to indefinitely ban the entry of all Syrians, including refugees, into the United States to protect the country from "radical Islamic terrorism".

The Syrian president said there could be a role for USA troops in the fight against the Islamic State terror group in Syria - but only if the role is approved by his government as part of a "rapprochement" with Russian Federation.

All sides in the six-year Syrian conflict have been accused of atrocities and human rights abuses, and the Syrian leader acknowledged that government forces have made some "mistakes".

- Assad dismissed an Amnesty International report published earlier this week which claims that up to 13,000 people were executed at a military prison near Damascus. This is where you can have a natural safe zone, which is our country. I'm talking about everyone who supported terrorists, including the United States during Obama's administration.

Fact check: A report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation published in July 2015 concluded that the images show no evidence of being manipulated and "appear to depict real people and events". "You can forge anything these days". "We are living in a "fake news" era, as you know".

"It's not a realistic idea at all".

Assad was pressed on his opposition to safe zones, considering that almost half the population of Syria has been displaced by the war.

Trump has not provided details about the proposed safe zones, except to say he would have the Gulf states pay for them.

Two of the ISIL Paris terror attack militants, Ahmad al-Mohammad, a Syrian national from Idlib, Syria, and M al-Mahmod, arrived to Europe via refugee flows it was revealed after the 2015 attack.