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Depending on your usage, one of AT&T's new prepaid plans could appeal to you and help you snag the most data for your dollars. The only problem is that you (generally) need to be on a post-paid plan to get unlimited data, which means that prepaid users are being left out in the cold. That's the same thing AT&T does on its other unlimited plans, but it feels even more egregious here since customers have to deal with a bad speed cap in the first place. That speed is cut even more if you want to watch a video. On top of that, your video streams will always stream at no higher than 480p and you'll potentially be slowed further should you use more than 22GB of data in a month. This plan includes unlimited talk and text, too, and is priced at $45 per month or $40 with AutoPay. You also won't be able to tether another device to your phone.

If you don't particularly like the idea of being tied down to a carrier via a postpaid plan and love the freedom of going prepaid, AT&T might have something for you as the carrier has recently announced a new $60 unlimited data plan that is being aimed towards the carrier's GoPhone customers. Both plans also include talk, text, and data roaming in Canada and Mexico at no additional charge. 128Kpbs is at least flawless if you're still playing Warcraft II over dial-up. While technically unlimited in the sense that you'll never hit a hard data cap, these plans still come with a lot of restrictions. "AT&T GoPhone customers now have even more flexibility to pick the plan that fits their needs as well as the flawless device from a selection of premium smartphones they really want".