WHEN it was announced that Disney would be producing a live-action remake of its 1991 animation classic Beauty and the Beast, it was hard to believe a quarter of a century had gone by. But she soons starts to fall for the Beast and the enchanted staff of his castle, who were all put under a spell by a witch. But not everyone agrees. If things hold, Beauty and the Beast should also set a new March opening record, surpassing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's $166 million.

I recommend you go watch this enchanting musical that is very attractive and just a tad bit beastly. Have a great day at the movies and don't forget to save me some popcorn. But, to my delight, I was wrong.

While this version does go out of its way to answer a question or two audiences had after the end of the original, it does not fix any of the original's pacing issues. "The one who will break the spell?" His quick wit will make you chuckle and his energetic performance will entertain all ages.

But with "B&B" this will be an actual Disney home grown movie, a rarity. It's not as big of a deal as people are saying, however, LeFou's arc is played wonderfully by Gad. Once I got into it I just loved it.

Later, Google followed up and explicitly stated the message "wasn't meant to be an ad". Aside from his scene-stealing moment, he brought humor to the film, according to reports.

However, Dan was less impressed with his costume, a "muscle suit" made of grey lycra that weighed 40 lbs. Because, honestly, Emma Watson's Belle may be slightly more feminist, but she isn't burning her bra outside some poor, provincial Planned Parenthood. A piano named Cadenza (Stanley Tucci) and a wardrobe named Madame de Garderobe (Audra McDonald) smooch after transforming back into their human forms.

Just like in another Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog, much of the touted diverse cast spends much of the movie as non-humans. I mean, how can I not when it seemed like she was singing just for me with that lovely face of hers?

What could possibly be better than Emma Watson? Alan Menken, who wrote the original songs with Howard Ashman, provided the score and wrote three new songs with Tim Rice.

See you at the movies! Every part of this film was breathtaking from the scenery to the handsome music.

Send us your photos of young "Beauty and the Beast" fans channeling or meeting their favorite characters and we'll post them online.

He said: "I used the fangs in the pre-production exploration to find the voice, to find the shape of the mouth".

The star power Disney has attracted to the live-action revivals also broadens their appeal.

"I love the music", he said. Ultimately they ALL got there to create a satisfying new take on a timeless classic. "I said yes of course ... as long as I don't have to sing", he said on "Good Morning America".