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Capcom announced the throwback pack today and it will contain six classic games from the 80's and 90's Disney era. The titular heroes and supporting cast Monterey Jack, Gadget, and Zipper must stop Fat Cat from his evil dream of world domination! These games were originally released on the NES and were based off hit Disney cartoons.

For anyone of the NES generation, this will be a welcome addition to the collection.

• Darkwing Duck: Play as the original caped crusader and fight a city full of criminals from the infamous FOWL organization in this action platformer. The games have been restored from their original NES versions and updated to support 1080p resolutions along with some new gameplay modes.

TaleSpin - Players take control of Baloo in this shoot 'em up and take to the skies. TIME ATTACK! Race against the clock and use the online leaderboards to compare your best times with other players across the web.

To acknowledge the nostalgic importance these games hold for Nintendo and Disney fans, an in-game museum will also collate a wealth of concept art, advertisements, character art, and music.

All of the games include new features and content, starting with a "rewind" feature where you can skip back in time by holding down a button. The collection will be out April 18th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will run you just $20.

Besides the games themselves, The Disney Afternoon Collection also includes a rewind feature so that players can "recover from blunders, making the games more accessible for first-timers", as well as new Boss Rush and Time Attack modes for extra replayability.