If you are at the airport and your flight is canceled, the airport suggests calling or going online to rebook your flight.

United Airlines Flight 4706 from Chicago, scheduled to land at 2:15 p.m.

American Airlines departs to and from Philadelphia and the cancellations will affect about 10 round trips.

More than 1,500 flights have already been canceled nationwide due to the expected conditions, according to USA Today.

Many people may be calling the airlines with questions about cancellations and rebookings, so it may be hard to get someone on the phone.

As a late-season winter storm bears down on much of the Northeast coast, hundreds of flights are already being canceled, hours before snow blankets the country from ME to Virginia. American Airlines is the largest carrier at the airport, accounting for approximately 73 percent of traffic. More may be dropped as the airline assesses the situation, he said.

Frontier: Customers whose flights to through the affected airports can rescuedule through April 7 with change fees and most travel restrictions waived.

"With a storm like this, we have a lot of advance warning", she points out.

"A decision about service on Tuesday will be made Monday evening or early Tuesday morning when the impact of the storm becomes more clear", train officials said.

In addition to the storm already hitting Chicago, forecasters say a major "nor'easter" could hit from West Virginia to Maine.

"We own several hundred cots, and we give out blankets and pillows and snacks and vanity kits", she explains.