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He also did not respond to questions about Trump's claims during a ribbon-cutting for the Boston FBI division's new offices in Chelsea on Tuesday. "And I think to say otherwise would be hubris", Director Comey said.

Having grown up in New Jersey, Comey is evidently still a product of his youth in terms of football allegiance. Comey allegedly pushed US Justice Department officials to refute Trump's claims as it falsely alluded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation breaking the law. The FBI Director serves a 10-year-term. President Obama also could have fired Comey if he had seen fit.

Law enforcement requests for information are sure to bump up against the interests of organizations wary of giving away too much. At the bottom, he said, are terrorists who, while having mastered the internet as a recruitment tool, have not yet "turned to using the internet as a tool of destruction".

But the tech industry and privacy advocates have consistently argued against measures that could weaken encryption or create so-called "back doors", saying they would put everything from national security to consumers' banking and personal communications at risk.

Despite downplaying the existence of "absolute privacy" in America, Comey went on to assure those at the conference that the government can not invade a person's privacy without "good reason", adding that it is a "vital part of being American".

After Comey's whirlwind of confusing and seemingly poor decision-making regarding FBI investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, some are questioning if he deserves to continue on as head of the FBI. There is no place in America outside of judicial reach, thats the bargain.

The use of the technology for scrambling data has made it increasingly hard for law enforcement to investigate crimes, even when authorities have court orders giving them permission to access data, he said.

"It is not the FBI's job to tell the American people how to live", Comey acknowledged. "We should never have to sacrifice one for the other".

And now, United States intelligence has taken its second powerhouse hit this week in their PR battle to convince Americans that security comes at a cost.