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There is no word from Angel's reps at this time. One anxious Criss Angel fan took to Facebook to share his experience. He was discharged a few hours later. In a statement to People magazine, Angel's reps confirmed that the performer lost consciousness and was taken to the nearby hospital.

It said: "Criss Angel routinely performs some of the world's most unsafe illusions and escapes live on stage".

But after two minutes of struggling to break free, he was lowered onto the stage at the Luxor Hotel and the curtains were closed, with the website reporting that he appeared to be unconscious as the audience were ushered out.

The illusionist Criss Angel suffered the performance malfunction during his Las Vegas Mindfreak Live Friday night show.

"Due to Friday's events, Criss and his son Johnny Crisstopher were unable to attend a previously scheduled appearance at a fundraiser for MakeAWish of Southern Nevada Saturday morning".

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This isn't the first time that particular stunt has resulted in injury for the star.

Audience members posted tweets and Facebook updates referencing an incident during the show, saying the show had been canceled shortly after starting. "Awesome return Criss!" wrote one audience member.

Criss Angel was rushed to a Vegas ER Friday after passing out during a straight jacket act.

The stunt, which involves Angel having to escape from a straitjacket in less than 30 seconds while hoisted by his feet high above the ground, is typically a highlight of the show.

The act also required him to hang upside down while buckled into a double-straitjacketed harness.