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The couple, Hanna and Stephen McMenamin, claimed in the post, complete with the graphic and disturbing pictures below, that they were at the Durham VA Medical Center on February 24 and witnessed an older man in a wheelchair writing in pain and another who eventually had to lay on the waiting room's floor despite telling a nurse he needed to lay down. He ended up lying on the floor before being told to get up.

The McMenamins say they veteran were ignored and had to wait several hours before they were helped.

"That's somebody's dad, that's somebody's grandfather", Hanna said.

The unsettling images were taken by former US Marine Stephen McMenamin and his wife, Hanna, and later posted on Facebook, sparking fury online and triggering an internal investigation at the Durham VA. She added that the photos were taken on "one of the busiest days" in its emergency department and that 100 to 130 people came through the facility that day.

"It really hurt. Really, really bad".

'Somebody in real bad pain should be seen, ' Lee said.

Lee had a partial leg amputation back in May.

Later identified as being Jesse Lee, the man had to wait several hours for a consultation, even though he was in extreme pain.

McMenamin says he and other patients asked if there was anything staff at the hospital could do to make the man more comfortable and were repeatedly told no.

Durham Medical Center Director DeAnne Seekins called it a "regrettable incident" but one she said she's thankful was brought to the center's attention, she said in a statement Tuesday.

After some time the nurse comes there to ask about his condition and when the veterans tell her about his condition Nurse start shouting on him asking him to wait for his turn. But the I-Team did and the veteran, who didn't want to be identified to the hospital, said he felt like he got awful care.

She admitted there was a long wait at the emergency room - with 23 vets being cared for ahead of the ones pictured and 26 more in the waiting room - but believed they still received excellent care.

"One veteran is extremely upset because he said, 'I'm a very private person, you know, I was here, I was sick, I didn't need someone taking my photograph, '" Seekins said.

Meanwhile, Twitter users were outraged and disgusted by how poorly veterans are treated right now.

"One veteran specifically said to me, 'I don't want anything to harm the Durham VA because they care for me, ' " Seekins said.

Eventually, the man laid down on the floor and they went in there and picked him up and set him back in the chair.

The McMenamins say this is not true, and stand by their post. He and his wife said they saw a handful of older veterans mistreated and ignored during the seven hours they were at the hospital, including an aged-veteran in a wheelchair.