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If you're on a stock version of Android, or even on most versions of Android that have a manufacturer UI skin, a search of your apps from the app drawer is already possible, so this may seem a little bit redundant but perhaps Google wanted to make this possibility simpler and available from more places.

The only caveat here is that Family Link is now invite-only so you can request one here and during setup, it also asks users to pay $0.30 for the service.

While standard versions of Apple iOS and Google Android have some basic parental controls, those features have generally been an afterthought compared to the rest of the operating system and aren't as extensive as the controls offered on kids devices or Family Link. Google will launch Family Link, an app that provides full parental controls between a parent's and child's devices, according to USA Today.

To use Family Link, you will need an Android 7.0-based device, and you must create your child's Google account using that app. The app is US-only for the time being, as is so often the case.

When your request is granted, you'll install the Family Link app on your phone and use the app to create a new Google account for your child.

For an invite to Family Link, follow the link below.

The prerequisites continue: Your child has to sign in from a new or factory-reset Android phone or tablet that runs the new Android Nougat version of Google's phone software (though a small number of recent Marshmallow phones can too).

Think of Family Link like parental controls plus monitoring. Still, it could be a useful option for parents who want just a bit more say in how their kids are using their phones. The preteens get to have their own Google accounts, for example, but their phones will carry YT Kids instead of YouTube. You also can manually lock the phone or ring it if your child loses it. After receiving an invite, parents with kids under 13 years old can download and try the Family Link app.