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Google startup incubator Area 120 has put out a new iOS app that lets users watch a YouTube video simultaneously on their iPhones. Uptime adopts numerous social features commonly found in social video streaming apps like Periscope - live comments, reactions, etc. - and applies them to YouTube videos. The Uptime app is very limited right now and you can not get into it without an invite.

However at the moments users can't record or stream videos and clips can only be shared YouTube.

You can try Uptime for yourself by grabbing it from the App Store.

Google opened the Area 120 startup combinator a year ago, which allows its employees to work on their own business ideas. You can see how far along someone is in a particular video and there's also a chat function to comment on the video. While you watch a video, you can see an icon from your Google account moving around the screen to signify progress in the video. They can, however, get daily video recommendations from their friends.

- Interact and chat while watching videos.

You can search for videos inside the app, or input a YouTube URL in the search box to find something specific.

Google and YouTube have slowly but surely been developing ways to bring video-watchers together. During playback, you can type comments, use one of six built-in reaction emoji, or move your finger around the screen to create a sparkle effect. Users can also label the video they send to friends with a caption that lets them know what they thought of the video.

The downside is that you won't be able to watch very high quality videos such as 1080p or 720p; this of course, means you are restricted to basic or standard quality clips.