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Higher-capacity versions, as well as U.2 form factors, will be available later on in the year. The Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X maintains consistent read response times regardless of the write throughput applied to the drive. In short, with the new Optane SSD DC P4800X solutions Intel appears to have achieved its goal of creating a robust new technology that combines the attributes of both memory and storage.

The DC P4800X also offers much higher endurance than comparable SSDs, having been rated for 30 drive writes per day, for three years.

The company's 3D XPoint technology (pronounced "crosspoint") was first unveiled in July 2015, and is supposedly up to 1,000 times faster than current NAND architectures. The company names them as the most responsive SSDs for data centers.

Meanwhile, Micron is targeting its SSDs based on Xpoint technology at cloud applications, data analytics, online transaction processing and the Internet of Things. 3D XPoint reaches just 1% of RAM speed, but that might not matter to companies looking to significantly expand RAM in their servers without breaking the bank - 3D Xpoint is cheaper than conventional RAM and requires far less energy to operate.

While the above figures do highlight the stupendous capabilities of the new P4800X memory, the same also makes it as a fit case for use in the fields of artificial intelligence computing and new-age machine learning techniques. Whereas server DRAM modules now top out at 128GB, the first P4800X drive has 375GB of capacity. Intel said it expects the cost structure to be closer to that of NAND than of DRAM.

The solution works to integrate the drive into the memory subsystem and presents the SSD as DRAM to the OS and applications.

The first variety of the highly awaited SSD series is the DC P4800X, that has 375 GB of storage capacity.

In all, Intel's $1520 375GB drive offers a combination of high throughput, low latency and high QoS, while being built to endure and alleviate the bottlenecks data centres now face. Intel has stated earlier that these drives will be eight times faster than the ordinary SSDs that are available in the market.