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Jordanian terrorist Ahmed Daqamseh, who murdered 7 Israeli girls in 1997 in Naharayim, was released this morning (Sunday) after serving a 20-year sentence in a Jordanian prison.

Jordan on Sunday released a soldier who killed seven Israeli schoolgirls during a class trip, after he served 20 years in prison, an official said.

In Jordan, this usually means 25 years.

Jordan's Roya television channel broadcast footage of him held aloft by a crowd in his home town of Irbid in northern Jordan, next to a poster describing him as a "hero".

At no point has Daqamseh expressed remorse for his actions.

Many lawmakers and politicians had lobbied to set him free in a kingdom where hostility towards Israel runs deep.

Jordan found the Daqamseh mentally unstable and sentenced to him to life in prison instead of giving him the death penalty, despite his anti-Israel statement. His motives were never entirely clear, but he told the national security court during his trial that he fired his weapon at them after they mocked him while he was praying. A few days later, the late Jordanian King Hussein came to Israel and personally apologized to the families of the victims.

Hundreds of Jordanian soldiers reportedly lined up to donate blood at the hospital in Amman where the seven other children also injured in the attack were taken for treatment.

"We knew he would be released sometime soon, but it still hurts", Levy, now 33, told Israel Army Radio on Sunday, per the report.

"It is unfortunate, but this is the situation", Mr Fatihi said.

Mr Fatihi recalled the king's visit, saying he and his family had been sitting on the floor in mourning at the time and that the monarch knelt down next to them.

Nurit, his wife, told AP news agency: "Despite the murder we are for peace".

Jordan in 2011 had to distance itself from a newly appointed minister's remarks that Daqamseh was a "hero" after Israel summoned Jordan's ambassador.