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Apparently Helal had heard that Bieber was being transported around the city in a Porsche and a Volvo, so she very reasonably chose to also drive around Melbourne's CBD, looking for him.

Twenty-year old fan Sabah Helal tried to speak to The Biebs and finally meet her idol but as she approached his vehicle, she claims that he told her she was invading his privacy.

Last year, Justin explained that he would no longer agree to take selfies with fans because he was sick of being treated like a "zoo animal".

"I realize people will be disappointed but I don't owe anybody a picture. and people who say "but I bought your album" know that you got my album and you got what you paid for AN ALBUM!"

Justin shared photos of himself greeting fans in Oz.

The superstar first addressed problematic issues with his fans in a Spapchat video while promoting his latest album objective in 2015.

The Love Yourself singer was performing that night at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

"So disappointed with Justin Bieber, ' wrote one Facebook user who added that he 'looked uninterested" and he put 'zero effort into it'.

And other fans overhead the exchange too.

According to Australia's The Herald Sun, Helar admitted she had been driving around the city all day looking for Bieber before she met him. "Bieber replied: "'You're invading my privacy, I don't want a photo". "I told him that I was going to take the photo anyway".

Unfortunately rather than leave things there Justin managed to apply his own hateful brand of smug dickishness to proceedings by saying to the girl: "Look at you, you make me sick".

Previous year the singer took to his social media to tell fans that he would no longer be stopping for pictures with them.

This did not go over well with Helal's mother, Houda Bennaoui, who says she's "disgusted" by Bieber's behaviour.