It's not clear whether the ban reflects concerns about an imminent security risk, but it is making waves among big carriers that fly to and from the United States.

USA authorities are planning to ban passengers traveling on certain US -bound foreign airline flights from carrying on larger electronic devices in response to an unspecified terrorism threat, a USA government official told Reuters. Medical devices and cellphones were exempted.

What began as a 96-hour directive is now open-ended, according to Fox News, and goes into effect on March 21, 2017.

Royal Jordanian said any of the above must be stored in checked baggage.

Additionally, the Transportation Safety Administration would not clarify what the fuck is going on, telling Gizmodo and several other outlets that it has "no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate".

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly informed members of Congress about the upcoming security changes, according to The Associated Press.

The ban will apply to devices larger than a mobile phone, the official said. It is unclear which airlines are affected.

The restrictions will not apply to USA -based airlines but only to foreign carriers that operate flights from certain countries directly to US airports, according to officials, and will not apply on purely domestic flights. Royal Jordanian soon deleted the notice from its Twitter account, leading to questions about the reasons behind cloak-and-dagger behavior of the DHS around the ban.

Royal Jordanian has trolled Trump in the past. This ban, like the earlier one, has been halted by a court.

"Fly to the USA with RJ now that you're allowed to", the ad read, along with a headline that crossed out "Ban" to say "Bon Voyage!"