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Both city officials and T-Mobile say that Dallas' aging 911 infrastructure could be playing a part in the issue.

The boy's mother, Bridget Alex, told the station that she was at her sister's home when her baby sitter frantically called her, saying her 6-month-old son had fallen from a day bed and was unconscious.

Dallas resident David Taffet confronted Mayor Mike Rawlings at a news conference Wednesday to say it took 20 minutes to get through to 911 after his husband stopped breathing last week.

Police officials have used overtime to beef up staffing in the 911 call center.

"We need immediate answers, and we need to do everything we can to fix this", Rawlings said. On Saturday night alone, over 440 calls were placed on hold due to overwhelming volume, with callers experiencing hold times that averaged a whopping 38 minutes.

Sadly, Alex was at a funeral for another family member when she got the call from the babysitter.

City and T-Mobile officials are encouraging 911 callers to stay on the line rather than hanging up. The company's immediate advice for citizens, Carey said, is to resist the urge to hang up the call if they are put on hold because calling multiple times makes the problem worse.

In a statement, city authorities said when the call takers called back, they could not reach the sitter.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere spoke with Dallas City manager T.C. Broadnax on Tuesday and said crews planned to work with the city until the issue was resolved, officials said. The city said that there is no evidence so far that the delays in emergency response played any role in his death.

"My heart is broken for the loss of a loved one, and I'm sorry for you as well", Rawlings said.

The caretaker says she tried three times, only to be placed on hold - once for 31 minutes.

However, if Stoddard County Dispatch ever gets backed up, their calls are forwarded to Sikeston DPS.

The City of Dallas reported that T-Mobile phones were spontaneously dialing 911 leaving a babysitter unable to reach 911 on Sat., March 11, 2017, because their lines were swamped that evening. I want to be at home playing with my son. We will update this story if we get additional information.

"The doctor came and he was like, 'We tried, and he just never woke up, '" Bridget Alex said.

T-Mobile claims adjustments made Wednesday and Thursday should improve, if not solve, the issue.