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Wonder Woman's origin is not common knowledge like the rest and we will get to see her past life in the new movie.

Honestly DC, you couldn't have asked for a better Wonder Woman.

The next entry in the DCEU is one that fans have been pretty excited for, with some even hoping that Wonder Woman will be the film to save the "struggling" shared universe. And a very assertive one who will not let anyone tell her what to do. Like numerous other women there, Diana was raised to be a warrior, but per the instructions of her mother, Queen Hippolyta, she was trained much harder than the others so that one day, she would become the best of them all.

"Welcome to Themyscria. I am proud to present the NEW trailer for #WonderWoman", Gal tweeted as she released the trailer upon the world. But there's no lead up to a big reveal of Wonder Woman in costume, correctly presuming that most of us have seen what she looks like already.

Pine plays American WWI pilot named Steve Trevor who finds himself on Prince's island following a plane crash.

Are you looking forward to Wonder Woman?

Although DC has been letting us down recently, I think we would all rather forget that Suicide Squad happened, hopes are high for this film which also stars David Thewlis and Robin Wright. But at a crucial moment, young Diana discovers the power of her infamous bracelets, and learns of her own ability to unleash hell. The film hits movie theaters this summer when Gal Gadot returns as the title character in the epic action adventure from director Patty Jenkins (Monster, AMC's The Killing).

The movie will release on June 2, 2017 before the Amazon joins Batfleck in the search for metahumans in Justice League.