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Nintendo concludes that "in most cases it will be enough to move these devices three to four feet away from the Nintendo Switch console and/or Joy-Con controllers".

As The Verge notes, PC games don't recognize the Joy-Cons as viable controllers, which means you'll need to use a program like JoyToKey if you want to play with the Switch controllers on your computer.

The impact on you at home: While you can get the Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers to work with your other devices, just be careful where you put them.

This functionality, while unexpected, is certainly a welcome novelty and could have some real potential for the home-brew crowd.

I would say the Switch is light years ahead of the Wii U. It's an incredibly easy system to develop for, even compared to other consoles.

Supposedly the Joy-Con can lose connection with the system for brief periods of time, which can have some unfortunate and infuriating consequences.

Handheld mode: Switch console mobile, with the Joy-Con controllers affixed to the side of the console.

Dbrand has stated that the problem remains even when the company uses the lowest grade of adhesive it can get away with for a 3m vinyl, and while the company could cut around the issue when it comes to the logo on the console itself, the cured coating on the Joy-Cons has presented an issue that the company now can't find a way around. 1-2 Switch is essentially a tech demo disguised as a game, with many party game type mini games that are created to show off the Joy-Con's gyroscope and use of rumble technology to be able to accurately distinct the feeling of multiple objects and situations. A Nintendo representative confirmed the issue to Kotaku, saying: "At this time, it is not possible to transfer save data from one Nintendo Switch system to another". Hopefully this in an issue Nintendo can address and fix in a future software update soon for those experiencing the Joy-Con issues.

The way games are played is also counter intuitive to the mainstream gaming industry in its way the games are designed. In a support page on the company's United Kingdom website, Nintendo states that these types of anomalies are typical of LCD panels, and that it would be wrong to consider any of them as defects.