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It's still pretty early to gauge demand for an entire year, obviously, and week two sales reportedly slowed dramatically in Japan after Nintendo shipped 329,152 Switches in the first seven days. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo Switch production is going to double over the next year.

When Nintendo set out with a target of selling 2 million consoles for the month of March, some thought the company was being over ambitious.

GameStop on Friday announced it will be getting new shipments of Nintendo's new $300 console and expects a fresh supply to hit shelves around March 22. Indeed, the only issue now has to do with the fact that there aren't enough Switch devices to meet the demand.

The company also plans to launch several classic indie games, some of which such as the "Human Resource Machine", "Little Inferno" and "World of Goo" are already available for $10 each. As of 31 December 2016, Wii U's lifetime sales sat at 13.56 million.

So if you're near a local GameStop and really want to get your hands on a Switch, we suggest keeping your eyes open.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is now slated for release sometime in Ubisoft's next fiscal year, which begins on April 1, and ends on March 31, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. More games mean more consumers and the cycle continues.

The console had "The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", "Shovel Knight", and "Snipperclips" ready on the launch day.

Although the Nintendo Switch jailbreak is new and there is no team behind it, it is hard to say whether or not it will be released to the masses. The more Nintendo can do to keep people excited and buying hardware now, the better.

Reports about a Nintendo Switch version of "South Park: The Fractured but Whole" surfaced following a cryptic tweet from the TV show's official Twitter account.