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"We apologize for any pain we've caused to players of League of Legends". In addition, for another $50 per month, the botting service of LeagueSharp artificially levels up multiple accounts of players.

Riot Games allegedly claimed that LeagueSharp's software was a breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because it opposed LoL's anti-cheat features.

According to Dot Esports, LeagueSharp put its users at an unfair advantage in League matches, using scripts and hacks to manipulate games. Whether it's wall hackers in Counter Strike or bots in League of Legends, it seems anti-cheat measures are never good enough to keep up with the elusive developers that sell this kind of service. On top of the steep penalty, the creators of LeagueSharp received a court-ordered ban from playing League of Legends and any other future Riot games as well as an order to hand over their LeagueSharp-affiliated websites to Riot.

The complaint alleged that LeagueSharp violated League's DMCA, as its product evades Riot's anti-cheating software. The company was also accused of attacking Riot's servers, teaching players how to cheat and advising them on methods to avoid paying in-game transactions.

Finding the head (s) of LeagueSharp was more hard than Riot had expected, three german hackers were behind the service who also allegedly started a shell company to avoid the legal ramifications that would soon ensue. In addition, for people who may be thinking or are now running cheating methods for the online multiplayer game, it gives them a chance to pull out of the business unless they think they can pay off a $10 million penalty. Perhaps Blizzard is next, as they've been fighting to shut down Overwatch cheat sites since its inception.