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Days before a pivotal vote, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Sunday he will seek changes to a GOP health care bill to provide more help to older people.

So while AHCA may fulfill Trump's vow to destroy Obamacare immediately, it violates most of the other health care promises he made to his voters - and there's no way to spin that as "fake news". Messer says the C-B-O projections aren't necessarily gospel, but says the bill is still a work in progress - in part because the current version doesn't appear to have enough votes in either the House or the Senate. "It's that your plan makes it unaffordable for people".

"What they're saying is that this isn't freedom, this isn't people voluntarily deciding not to have health insurance", Wallace remarked. It estimated that 24 million people of all ages would lose coverage over 10 years.

Last Friday, the White House won support from conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC) leaders by agreeing to give states the option to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients and to block grant Medicaid instead of the cap system in the bill.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price also said legislative revisions were possible. "We'll see what happens in the Senate". Earlier this week, Trump promised a group of conservative activists that he's open to major changes to the bill, while White House adviser Kellyanne Conway separately insisted to a different group of stakeholders that the bill was nearly in its final form.

Moderate Republicans have also expressed concerns about the bill, and their worries are often not the same as that of conservatives. "What [the president] has said is that repeal and replace need to occur essentially at the same time ..." He joins GOP Rep. John Katko, from a closely divided district in upstate NY, who cited inadequate insurance access and cost controls.

"They still believe that the conservatives in their caucus don't want Obamacare Lite", he said. "It has succeeded in all three", she said. "We're going to have more plans being offered, more choice and competition". Ted Cruz of Texas, whom he named "Lyin' Ted".

I've always voted Democratic. And Trump has been told that two separate amendments will add in some of his more popular proposals, such as allowing purchasing of plans across state lines.

Ryan said Congress was proud to have passed the Cures Act previous year, which calls for additional NIH money for "breakthrough discoveries on cancer and other diseases", so he expects the proposed NIH cut to be revised.

"I feel very good about it". But I will say that NIH is something that's particularly popular in Congress.

"It's a fine needle that needs to be thread, there's no doubt about it", Price told ABC's "This Week".