Although its goal was to provide prototypes of this smartphone in [the] first quarter, it has delayed timing as it has invested more time into raising [the] quality of the entire product.

The "iPhone Edition" is expected to be released in September with Samsung predicted to unveil their foldable device a few days earlier in Berlin at the IFA show.

The ETNews reported that Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics are in the final stages of development for its foldable device. It is also said that the unnamed device is the foldable Samsung handset that was mentioned about in recent rumors.

The device is on track for release later this year and Lee Chang-hoon, director of Samsung's Display division saying last year that "development of Foldable OLED is taking place according to our plan..." With increasing competition from a slew of Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has been forced to dramatically increased prototype production of its upcoming foldable display frontier phone, according to ETNews.

Samsung Electronics is devoting itself into manufacturing foldable Smartphone with luxurious design and high-quality that fit image of current Samsung brand.

Commentators point out that Samsung seemed to be following the same strategy it used with Edge displays. As foldable Smartphone is an innovative product that did not exist before, it believes that it will be able to expand related markets in the future after drawing positive experiences from foldable Smartphone users. With its borderless design, large screen, vocal assistant and facial recognition, Samsung's flagship should make a sensation during its presentation.

Samsung already introduced foldable screen tech that has four phases: curved, bent, foldable and rollable.

Production of these prototypes will start from the third quarter of this year, so it does not look like they will be ready for the masses at least until the start of 2018. The corporation is apparently competing against rival Chinese OEMs in a race to see who can clinch the title of 'world's first foldable smartphone'.