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Last night Saturday Night Live scored an excellent episode, with great sketches that were amusing, sharp and pointed, with strong performances all around.

The skit features "SNL" host Scarlette Johansson portraying the first daughter in a mock ad for a new Ivanka perfume: Complicit. Melania Trump said she was outraged by the comments made by her then new husband, but told the public she had accepted his apology. Johannson's Ivanka puts on lipstick in the mirror, but the reflection is actually Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. But this week, SNL focused on Ivanka (Johansson) and her unwillingness to stop, or even disregard, her father's bigoted presidency.

"Complicit: The fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this", the narrator finishes, " but won't". Oh, how we see her. Complicit'. She's positioned herself a "soft-focus feminist", great for photo opportunities and bland statements like "Women's Day is every day" on her pink-themed Twitter feed.

In a sketch titled "Shud the Mermaid" Scarlett Johansson played against type big time, joining Kate McKinnon's Blobfish-like and completely creepy mermaid named Shud as her best friend, the equally horrifying "Kunk".

Do we really need to know what our pets are thinking? And knows what she's doing.

A final zinger, as the voiceover gets more and more hostile: "Also, I bet when she watches 'Titanic, ' she thinks she's Rose".

But then "SNL" goes back for the kill to call out Ivanka's complicity in her father's misconduct. "She's loyal. Devoted", the voiceover says, "but probably should've bounced after that whole Access Hollywood bus thing".

"A feminist. An advocate".

His plan during the sketch is to bring as much coal as possible, referring to Trump's energy solution. Brand Ivanka Trump followed up with a statement clarifying the division between her business and personal pursuits. "Plus Trump is the only one who isn't owned by Wall Street". While the sketch struck many viewers as good and a zinger, the meaning of the imagined fragrance's name - "Complicit" - and therefore of the entire segment, may have been lost on some viewers.