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The neighbor offers him $5 for his services and offers to set him with a friend's granddaughter before Jack returns home to his family - his well-intentioned mother and his alcoholic, abusive father, who criticizes him for not having a job (at this point, we know he's an unemployed, 28-year-old Vietnam vet who tinkers around cars to make a living). What are we worth?

"This Is Us" doesn't need the hook to lure people back in, but it still would have been nice to have. It's a show about life, and one that presents life as happening all at once, all around us, past and present. Most important, I want to know more about them.

Despite acknowledging that this season's final, heart-tugging episode showed "the apparent dissolution or the apparent breakage of a marriage" between the parents of triplets (who had one heck of a blow-up fight in "Moonshadow"), Ventimiglia assured reporters on the red carpet of the finale screening Tuesday that "these are two people that love each other very much".

It was a decidedly odd finale choice to have the episode exist nearly entirely in the past, with very little time devoted to Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kate (Chrissy Metz) or Kevin (Justin Hartley), but we suppose there was a lot of ground to cover, given how long Jack's death has been looming. Jack was always present even if he wasn't actually there. His fate was made clear early on, and a few episodes ago viewers learned he died when the triplets were teenagers.

This central emphasis on loss made the buzz surrounding "This Is Us" somewhat off-putting at times. It's agonizing to think that we have to wait even longer to get some semblance of closure about Jack's death, but you've got to admit that it's also kind of a genius move on the part of the producers. Jack then goes looking for Rebecca in her dressing room, but finds Ben instead and punches him when Ben lets it slip about the attempt he made on Jack's wife.

During a series of flashbacks, the finale eventually reveals how Jack and Rebecca first met.

And if the choice wasn't entirely successful, that's in keeping with the season. Stay tuned, cause it's all leading somewhere and we're just getting started.

Back in the past, it turns out that Jack is not the one that Rebecca was set up with, but some businessman, while Jack is planning to rob a bar with a friend of his.

As the only black child in a white world, he imposes a level of perfection upon himself that gives him crippling panic attacks. Share this moment of taking a break. Some thought he may have died in a drunk-driving accident on the way to see Rebecca, though other fans thought that would be too obvious a move for the hit TV show. This doesn't even begin to appease Rebecca and it quickly becomes apparent this is about much more than Jack going on a bender. And that is how they met- cue the "awwws". Struggling about their financial issues, they revealed their dreams of opening up an auto body shop before (almost) participating in a heist to get Jack's money back. Jack had been right about Rebecca's ex and current bandmate, Ben.

Jack's poker game is a disappointing diversion that contradicts several core elements of the character the writers build up throughout the drama's first season. Jack finishes his drink and then goes to search for Rebecca. Jack retorts that he supports the entire household and receives no appreciation for it.

Ryann (@coralre4): So I've slept on it & I'm still disappointed in the finale of #ThisIsUs.