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But the emotionally intense farewells are just beginning. A book series? Something else entirely? As a witch, she was often called in to solve her friends' problems no matter if it meant sacrificing her happiness, the lives of her loved ones (her mom, dad and grams were all caught in the crossfire), or herself.

At first, it seemed like Damon "won" the war, compelling Stefan to leave town. Pierce and "Goodbye brother" to Damon. "I'm sorry I was't better at it until now".

Plec added that there is "absolutely a chance" that some of our surviving Mystic Falls favorites could appear again on TVD's spinoff series, The Originals.

Damon Accepting Vampire Elena: Elena changed when she joined the undead, and her friends weren't thrilled about it. Damon, however, said he'd never seen her more alive. Luckily, Stefan has been on vervain since the day he became human, and was never compelled. Caroline started a boarding school for supernatural kids, which is honestly totally odd but at least feels like an active, purposeful life not spent exclusively mourning Stefan. She told Variety, "There is so much in this finale that is either calling back on, celebrating or mentioning things that happened in the early seasons, I do think that most people that watch the show will be surprised".

For now, we say so long, Mystic Falls. Bonnie got to live. Liz Forbes watching over Caroline, and Caroline receiving a donation to the new Salvatore Boarding School from one Klaus Mikaelson (notably signed "Yours.") Jo watching over Alaric and the girls. Hmm, wonder where that's headed? In the case of The Vampire Diaries, one of the things the show was truly best at was nurturing and building up all of its relationships. From that very first semi-kiss in the Season 1 finale (yes, I know it was really Katherine - but for a good minute or two, viewers thought it was Elena) I was hooked. That's how the story began, and that's how it had to end.

It's fitting, in a way, that the last person Stefan sees, the last person he says goodbye to is Elena Gilbert - they were the story that started it all, in that very hallway in that very school.

The show ended with Elena explaining how Damon was always anxious he wouldn't see his brother again, before showing us what the afterlife looked like when both she and her man died. Elena promises she likes Damon just the way he is and kisses him to prove it. "This show's always been about family; this show's always been about huge, emotional loss; it's always been about death and grief", Williamson says.

Romantic love changes and it challenges us; it destroys us and it builds us back up again. "It's just so that we all know that storyline did fulfill itself". And it's a show that ends with a sense of what peace means, and that was on goal. While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our The Vampire Diaries recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!