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This was China's second warning against a possible trade war this week amid growing indications that Washington is determined to pursue a protectionist agenda.

"A trade war would not benefit either country or either country's people, you could say it would have no advantage whatsoever", Chinese Commerce Minister Zhong Shan told reporters on the sidelines of the annual parliament session in Beijing.

For example, the United States exported 26 percent of its Boeing aircraft and 56 percent of soybeans to China, as well as 16 percent of vehicles and 15 percent of integrated circuits.

Zhong also reported that China's exports in January and February were 4% higher than in the same period past year, with imports more than 26% higher.

Zhong noted that China and the United States are mutually reliant and very important to each other.

Zhong said he looks forward to meeting his U.S. counterpart Wilbur Ross, who became secretary of commerce under the US' new administration late last month.

"I am willing to deal with excellent people as they are good at handling issues from the long-term and strategic perspectives", Zhong said in Beijing.

China's exports for January and February combined rose 4 percent from the same period a year ago, while imports surged more than 26 percent, suggesting solid improvement in demand domestically and overseas.

China today warned Donald Trump that any trade war between the two countries will bring nothing but harm amid concerns that the US President may go through with his polls promise of hiking tariffs against Chinese goods.

"We are all waiting for [Trump's economic and trade policies], but I believe both leaders and administrations will have a correction judgement on China-US trade ties", he said.