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The shooting unfolded around 12:30 a.m.in the 100 block of West Katella Avenue when officers conducted a traffic stop on the suspect's vehicle, according to police.

A man armed with a knife who had barricaded himself in his auto was fatally shot Sunday night in Orange following a freakish standoff with police and firefighters.

A deadly police shooting at a shopping mall parking lot in Orange, California was caught on camera.

"He poured some of the gasoline onto a cloth or rag, then he lit a cigarette".

He says officers tried to arrest the man after he climbed out the driver's side window but the man pulled a knife.

"At that point, we don't know if we have a guy attempting suicide or attempting to blow up his van". Officers then pounded on the back windows. Do we have other incendiary devices inside the vehicle?

The driver, described as a man in his 30s, who was alone and shirtless in the vehicle retrieved a gas can and lighter, he said.

"We try to use less lethal rounds, but it is not always possible", Lopez said.

KABC-TV (http://bit.ly/2mDxpTR) reports the officers broke the windows of the man's auto before dawn Monday in the city of Orange and used a fire hose to douse the inside of the vehicle while he was in inside it.

Officers used hoses to blast the vehicle with water. "He parked his vehicle and then refused to get out of the auto".

Shouts of "Knife! Knife!"

Lopez says an officer then fired at the unidentified man who was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The man initially refused to stop, despite having "ample opportunity to pull his van over", said Lt. Fred Lopez, a department spokesman. "Knife!" are heard shortly before the sounds of shots fired, KTLA reported.

The man was not immediately identified but authorities said he had a criminal record that included weapons and drugs violations.