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Tesla is said to have a new SUV model in the Model Y. The company though has not officially revealed the vehicle, though there are talks that it will be unveiled later this year. Though Tesla has a long story of product delays, it will be fascinating of the Model 3 will actually ship on time.

As such, it's highly unlikely Tesla will showcase the Y this year, instead presenting it sometime in 2018 with production slated to kick off very late that same year. They were testing a Tesla Model 3 prototype, cruising up and down the street outside our office.

Since it's based on the small pure-electric sedan's platform, the entry-level Model Y is certain to share its electric motors with the same 60kWh lithium ion battery packs as the sedan.

The Model S 90D will be the first Tesla auto model to be delivered in Korea, with the Model X and the Model 3 to follow shortly after.

While everyone thought that it would be the modified Tesla that will be the victor in the race between the two cars, it turned to be the complete opposite.

"Model Y (compact SUV) off Model 3 chassis".

The arrival of the SUV, along with its first mainstream vehicle, the Model 3, are tipped to finally push Tesla into profit. According to Musk, Tesla plans to show off the prototype versions of the electric pickup truck and semi later this year.

So far, there is no formal announcement yet as to when Tesla will unveil the new Tesla Y Model. It is projected that the Model Y might possibly the most successful vehicle that would come out from Tesla.

AOL cited that, when the CEO and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk had initially begun the organization, an electric SUV was not part of the said "master plan" but rather was born from a desire to take advantage of what was a booming market segment. The Model Y will wield as many as eight cameras as part of this autonomous drive system, in addition to 12 ultrasonic sensors and a new type of forward-facing radar meant to work in all weather conditions.

While the Model 3 will run 215 miles on a full charge, the Model Y is expected to run 238 miles on a single charge.