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An officer with the Eau Claire Police Department received an "urgent phone call from the IRS" and made a decision to call the scammer back. And it looks like the message is getting out - more than 3 million people have viewed the officer's video on Facebook and almost 95,000 have shared it since it was posted Tuesday.

Some scammers picked on the wrong person and the Eau Claire Police Department is using it to teach everyone a lesson.

He called the number, having a co-worker record the call. "You said I had committed a fraud or something". When Roder said he was never provided one, the man said he could look it up if he provides his address. He left a message saying that Roder was going to be arrested if he didn't call back right away - so the Officer called the scammer back. "If you don't have m address, how are you going to do that?"

Local law enforcement officials are offering tips to those who may be unaware of the scam and vulnerable to losing their money and personal information.

See the IRS website for more information on this and other tax-based scams.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office issued a statement warning of the crime unfortunately popular around tax time.

Roder recommends that anyone who receives a similar call refrain from engaging the caller and just hang up.

The officer then replies, "I thought you said it was James Maxwell last time".

The caller states the agency would send an arrest warrant to the local sheriff's department.

According to CBS News, more than three million phone scams, including these fake IRS calls, were logged in 2016 by the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel project.