A shocking video shows how an Alabama woman managed to escape a kidnapping on Tuesday by jumping out of the trunk of a auto.

The woman told police she was kidnapped at gunpoint as she walked to her apartment.

According to Alsabah, the victim said she had been driven to several ATMs as the man withdrew money using her debit card.

That was when she quickly realized she was at a gas station, as she sprinted away for help.

She then ran inside and called 911 and Mr. AlSabah locked the door behind him, NBC News reported. The driver took off.

Birmingham Police on Wednesday tweeted a photo of the kidnapping suspect.

He said the man was trying to withdraw more money than was in the account.

As for the kidnapper, Alsabah realized from the get-go that there was something suspicious about him. That's when he saw the vehicle pop trunk open and a woman jumped out.

The woman then told Alsabah how she was forced into the vehicle and taken along as her captor drove to several ATMs to withdraw money using her debit card. "He looked like he had a pistol in his pocket". As he pulled off, the woman jumps out of the trunk of the auto and runs into the store for help. He said he then returned to the auto and drove away.

After he left, Alsabah watched him drive off and saw the woman jump out of the trunk and rush inside.

He let the woman inside the store and hid her in a back closet with his shotgun.

The kidnapper pointed a gun at the woman, demanding money, cops told the site.

Alsabah said the woman sustained some cuts and was later taken to a hospital by a family member.