KXIP vs KKR Live Score

It's a big year for Xbox.

Sounds very promising then, sadly Tudor didn't get into any specific details (putting it mildly) "I can confirm that PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will get some sort of improvements, but we can't really talk about the Scorpio stuff at the moment because not very much is known", said Tudor. Chief among these is the not-so-big revelation that the unit will feature an internal power supply, as well as the bigger news that console will feature 4K resolution when streaming or recording. The Xbox One S, however, packs that internally.

Spencer added that he fully expects that Xbox One S, with its lower relative price point, will sell far better than Project Scorpio.

The original Xbox, Xbox 360, 360 redesign, and Xbox One all had large external power bricks, a design feature Microsoft used to optimise airflow within the console.

This new report also reveals some interesting tidbits about the console's power and capabilities, pointing to just how beneficial having six teraflops under the hood will be. This means that the Project Scorpio console will natively decode 4K streams (without an inordinate hit to performance) as well as encode 4K streams on the fly.

Beam, Microsoft's streaming service, runs public 4K test streams, so it's unsurprising that the company will be looking to dabble in 4K Game DVR for Project Scorpio.

Now, a recent report from Windows Central is giving an insight into how dedicated Microsoft is to making sure its console is a 4K monster.

That's a significant leap above the Xbox One's current streaming standard of 720p and 30fps. On top of 4K gaming, the new console will also feature the ability to stream things such as Netflix in 4K, something the Xbox One S is doing now, and it will tack on the ability to stream and encode 4K, 60 frames per second video.