The national average is at its highest price this year, led by the switch over to more expensive summer-blend gasoline and increased driving demand.

- Travelers hitting the roads across North Carolina over Easter weekend will pay about 40 cents more per gallon at the pump than they did a year ago. "But this year we may not even see a point where gas prices get up to a 35-cent increase because utilization is already looking good and most refinery maintenance has peaked, so that is good news for motorists".

Texas gas prices are on the rise up 6 cents from last week throughout the state.

If government estimates are accurate, the average US household would be spending about $200 more on gasoline than previous year. Other parts of the country where public transportation options are limited and gas prices are typically low will likely flinch. Do not forget to thank fracking the next time you fill your tank up. Each dollar per barrel of sustained price change in crude oil or gasoline wholesale margins translates into a change of 2.4 cents per gallon in product prices.

Arizona gas prices on Thursday rose to their highest level in 2017, according to AAA Arizona. The Tucson metropolitan area had the lowest listed price, $2.16 per gallon. For every five miles per hour over 65 mph, gasoline efficiency decreases 10 percent.

Regional differences in retail gasoline prices can be significant, and EIA forecasts average summer prices to range from a low of $2.21/gal on the Gulf Coast to $2.87/gal on the West Coast. When vacationing, try to avoid strapping luggage on the roof where it causes drag and reduces fuel economy.

The free AAA Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices uses Global Positioning System navigation to help travelers map a route, find updated gas prices, view nearby member discounts and access AAA roadside assistance.