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But there was also a new character: guest host Jimmy Fallon, as the dialogue-free, bulletproof vest-wearing Jared Kushner.

On "Saturday Night Live", Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump was clearly suffering under the strain.

Baldwin's Trump reflects on several major decisions that took place in the Oval Office like dropping missiles in Syria, the "Mother of all Bombs" in Afghanistan, and discussing classified information with the Japanese prime minister - until Pence reminds him that those things all happened at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's Florida resort.

Then, on the insistence of his second-in-command, Trump realized the time had finally come to dismiss one of his two key advisers. It was an odd statement, considering the Nazi's use of gas chambers to exterminate Jewish people during the Holocaust, which Spicer made worse when he incorrectly attempted to clarify that Hitler didn't "use gas his own people" and that he brought them into "Holocaust centers".

Fallon, who was Saturday night's host, joined the "SNL" Trump administration as Trump son-in-law and adviser, Kushner, while McCarthy returned as Spicer to give a special Easter apology.

Ultimately, Fallon's Kushner is selected to stay, and Bannon is sent back to "hell". "If you guys didn't focus on every little slur and lie I said", she said. You showed everybody that if you were born rich and married my daughter, you can have anything you want'.

"Jared, I have sent you all around the world to represent me but no one's ever heard you speak".

Trump then retreated to a smaller desk and played with toys in the Oval Office.

There were plenty of big moments on the show, including the first live solo performances by Harry Styles ("Sign of the Times" and "Ever Since New York") and Melissa McCarthy's return as Sean Spicer. You need all the help you can get. "I know they were called "concentration clubs", she said". "As you all know, President Trump recently bombed Syria while eating the most handsome piece of chocolate cake America has ever laid eyes on".

"Jared", Baldwin began dramatically, "Steve. I'm aware", Spicey says. "But Mike, you forgot about the bombings that I've been doing".