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He is facing charges of aggravated assault and battery and aggravated assault with intent to rape. He is being held at Massachusetts State Police barracks in Millbury on $1 million bail. Because of the struggle, investigators were able to obtain DNA from the suspect, who was likely bruised and scratched during the attack.

In February Early announced that DNA evidence collected by investigators pointed to a suspect that is likely a Hispanic or Latino man in his 30s with light or medium skin color and an athletic build with short hair or possibly a shaved head.

Police have made an arrest in connection with the killing last summer of a 27-year-old Google employee as she was out jogging in broad daylight in MA.

Emily Truax said she's paid close attention to the "nerve-wracking" case because her best friend lives in the area.

Marcotte's family has no comment on the investigation at this time.

Marcotte was one of three women killed in the United States while out on runs within a nine-day period in August. Ally Brueger was shot four times in the back on July 30 while on a daytime run near her home in MI, and her case remains unsolved. According to her LinkedIn profile, Marcotte had been at Google since January 2015 and was working as part of the company's health care division. "We're very confident that we got Vanessa Marcotte's killer".

Marcotte graduated with honors in 2011 from Boston University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in communications. She's raised funds for Tutoring Plus, which is a nonprofit that Marcotte volunteered for when she lived in Boston.

On Saturday, Early said DNA taken from Marcotte's hands during an autopsy helped solve the case. "I don't have any insane goals-it's more for the experience of doing it and raising awareness for the organization".

"She said she felt free when she was running", McNiff said, "it didn't matter how fast she went, she just loved to let her mind go".