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Of course B.C.'s carbon tax has been frozen since Clark became premier five years ago, and she's supposed to be in favour of carbon taxes, but whatever.

Clark said she hasn't seen the study but the hydroelectric project is about meeting the province's energy needs in the future and work has to start now to meet that demand as the economy grows.

In each of the past several election campaigns, the NDP offered a slightly inflated version of the B.C. Liberal platform.

But de Jong said these funds are insufficient to cover the toll revenues of the two bridges and interest costs for the construction of the new Port Mann Bridge. The reason most of the Liberal platform is a recitation of past accomplishments is because setting expensive new targets would put balanced budgets at risk. The Liberals have also promised to eventually kill the MSP, starting with a 50-per-cent cut in January, but de Jong said the Liberals won't ditch the fees within the next three years.

"You're not going to deliver it until those kids have their driver's licence", Clark replied, warning of the problems encountered when Quebec introduced universal daycare.

When asked questions about why Site C was not referred to the B.C. Utilities Commission, Clark explained that the project had been studied for many years by BC Hydro and other scientists, and that the province will need the 1,100 megawatts that the dam's generating station is slated to begin producing when it is commissioned.

The Liberals say the NDP platform contains costs of $6.5 billion over four years that the party has not accounted for.

"Their platform creates not a hole in our budget, it is a crater, a giant, smoking crater of a hole to the tune of billions of dollars that they are going to fill with your money in the form of new taxes", she said.

Then, as now, the NDP targeted the leader of the B.C. Liberals (rather than the party itself) as being beholden to corporations and rich donors One of the key NDP themes in 1996 was "they're Howe Street and we're Main Street", which could easily fit into the current campaign. "I think the people of Sooke understand that", he said.

The New Democrats are planning to take a $500-million "LNG prosperity fund" created by Clark and apply it towards eliminating bridge tolls. Clark suggested Horgan plans to side with the B.C. Government Employees' Union and retail pot through liquor stores.

But Horgan says his numbers are solid and based on Ministry of Finance numbers tabled in February. "They don't", he said.

The Liberals lost a long-standing fight with B.C. teachers over funding when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled they broke the law by gutting the teachers' contracts back when Christy Clark was education minister.

It's adding a few more goals, including making BC's economy the most diversified by 2022, and prioritize British Columbians for the anticipated one million job openings through 2025.