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Earlier this year, Ivanka resigned from all management and operational roles with her brand, but she still owns the label and stands to profit greatly from her own tremendous popularity in China.

It is understood that when President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping were meeting in Florida on April, Ivanka Trump's firm won provisional approval from China for three new trademarks, covering jewellery, bags and spa services.

Sales, by some measures, have reached record highs this year. There has been a spike in the sales this year and in 2016 the brand's USA imports mainly from China jumped 1.66%, according to data from the trade tracking firm Panjiva, AP reported. Company president Abigail Klem told CNN in a statement Tuesday that filing trademarks are needed especially in "regions where trademark infringement is rampant".

February 22, 2017: Ivanka Trump Marks LLC applies for another trademark, covering perfume, among other things, in Canada, where it holds 22 pending or registered marks, according to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. There is nearly a cult around the First Daughter in China, as the young Chinese ladies view her as a attractive and very successful business lady, who preserves ties with her father and respect for him, which is of extreme importance to Confucian culture, the sinologist said.

The new trademark applications seek the right to put Ivanka Trump's name on lingerie in the USA, baby clothes in the Philippines, handbags in Puerto Rico and perfume in Canada, among a host of things.

But the focus on this aspect of Ivanka Trump's role dangerously obscures something else that is at least as important about her: her conduct inside the White House is vexed by the same controversial conflicts of interest plaguing the president himself.

"I think that's wonderful for Ivanka that her businesses are doing well, and, uh, everything would be just fine if she weren't also working in the White House", said Richard Painter, who was chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush. One business school student said that when she wakes up in the morning, she often asks herself, "What would Ivanka do?"

Unlike her father, Ivanka is subject to federal rules that prevent her from participating in matters in which she has a financial interest now that she works in the White House in an official capacity.

The clothing company isn't Ivanka Trump's only asset to raise ethical questions.

"Ivanka has so many China ties and conflicts, yet she and Jared appear deeply involved in China contacts and policy". In March sales on Lyst were up 262 percent over the same period previous year. It apparently worked, sparking a 771 percent surge in the brand's sales that month on Lyst.com over February 2016. In China alone the company has 32 pending trademarks.

December 4, 2016: The New York Times reports that Ivanka Trump sat in on a meeting with her father and the prime minister of Japan, as her company negotiated a licensing deal with a firm the Japanese government owned a large stake in.

There is also her father's Trump International Hotel down the street from the White House, in which Ivanka is a multimillion dollar stakeholder, despite ethics experts urging her to stay away from the hotel while holding a government job. "All that buzz is hardwired into her products".