We were reminded of this just days ago on Palm Sunday as Coptic Christian churches in Egypt were attacked and Christians were killed.

Christians across the globe have come together to celebrate Easter. "Because Christ is living, we have the promise of eternal life if we trust in Him and invite Him to come into our hearts", Fowler said.

The Rev. Harry Fowler, assistant pastor of Englewood Baptist Church, said Easter is the most important day in the Christian calendar because it celebrates the reason for the Christian faith.

The journey then moved to Friday, Good Friday, the day Jesus was whipped, mockingly adorned with a thorn of crowns, nailed to a cross, mocked, spat upon, pierced by a soldier's sword the day he died. "So we want to play it to glorify him". "Easter is a great time to catch up with family and friends", said a devotee, Sandhya Osta.

Klein says Easter Sunday is a reminder of "how truly blessed we are". "It is well with you, our leaders at all levels of government and our nation in the name of Jesus Christ".

Christians celebrated Easter on Sunday across the Middle East, where many are struggling to maintain their embattled communities in the face of war, religious violence and discrimination.

METHODISTS flocked to the streets of Labasa Town yesterday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

She said the Sunday service had also been particularly busy.

"Jesus waits for you and me, embracing us in our moments of greatest need and desire", Cardinal DiNardo said.

The clergyman enjoined Christians to continue to remain steadfast and put their hope in God.

"The good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ was first told by women". Jesus had to do this or His promise to Martha would have been a lie: "I am the resurrection and the life". Easter lilies adorned the altar in many churches. "From my family and I to you and your family, Happy Easter". For He has been resurrected, just as He said. "All our beliefs are based on the resurrection, that Christ died and was risen". I've done that many times in my life, especially when I was in college. These people are missing out because Easter is so much more than a tradition; it is the power of God unto salvation and could be the beginning of that something new that so many are longing for.