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Ethan Roser, 19, from Cincinnati in OH, was taking part in a track and field competition when he was struck by a hammer which has a metal ball attached to a steel wire.

Kevin Lynch first met the freshman transfer at the Christian, liberal arts college when Roser moved into the Fischer Dorm in January.

Safety personnel from Wheaton College and the city of Wheaton were on the scene immediately, the school said, but Roser was pronounced dead upon being transported to a hospital. But one marking outside the lines is where Roser was said to be hit in the head late Saturday afternoon. His mother, Pat Roser, said Ethan's faith played a big role in how he dealt with a leg injury in high school and in his decision to attend Wheaton. He was tasked with marking the distances of the thrown hammers - 16 pound metal balls (8.8lbs for women throwers) attached to a grip through a steel wire. Community members who were at the competition told NBC Chicago that Ethan was a working as a volunteer. Wheaton College is located about 25 miles west of Chicago.

On Saturday night, students held a candlelight vigil in the park to remember him.

"When he went off to college I didn't see him that often, so we were excited to see each other again", Brenneman said. Wheaton College was hosting the event.

Family described Roser as a soccer player who was deeply devoted to his faith and was studying to become a minister, the Chicago Tribune reported. "We are in the prime of our lives", said Caleb Ashby, another Wheaton College student.