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When ESPN announced Michelle Beadle would be the new full-time host of NBA Countdown on Tuesday there didn't seem to be any mention of its current host, broadcaster Sage Steele, which left many to deduce the shakeup bumped her from NBA coverage.

Steele was most notably caught in a firestorm of outrage in January after she complained the protests against Donald Trump's travel ban made her miss a flight.

Steele was also criticized when she yanked Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler's mic away from him after he got political in an interview after the NBA All Star Game in Toronto. "Like a great point guard, she makes everyone around her better and we're looking forward to this next chapter in Michelle's career as she leads us forward on NBA Countdown".

Beadle will also host the studio coverage for the NBA Playoffs. Due to her insensitive remarks towards the Muslim Ban rally before, ESPN chose to replace Sage with Michelle Beadle. Who's talking about Steele's ability to understand the culture of the sport which she covers much better than Beadle, because she's black and can identify with their story?

A staple on ESPN for a decade, she's found herself at the center of controversy on at least two occasions over the course of the past year and change.

However, while no one can prove Steele's political views are the reason for her removal from NBA Countdown, it's perfectly reasonable to claim that the reaction to her firing has everything to do with her political views. "It's the best job in sports", Beadle said in a statement.

Peep some of the reactions below on social media about news of her replacement.

Steele hasn't been one of black America's most favorite people since she took African-American men to task for protesting the killings of unarmed African-American men, women and children.