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On Tuesday, Stephens shot and killed himself after a short chase with state police in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The break in the case came when police received a tip that Stephens's auto was in the McDonald's vehicle park in Erie, in the north-western corner of the state, about 100 miles east of Cleveland, authorities said.

Cleveland's police chief earlier said on Tuesday that authorities had received more than 400 tips, including as far away as Texas. But he ended his life near Erie, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles from Cleveland, where on Sunday he walked up to a stranger, Robert Godwin Sr., fatally shot him, and then posted the video for the world to see. FILE - This undated file photo provided by the Cleveland Police shows Steve Stephens.

"She's the reason that this is about to happen to you", Stephens tells Godwin before pointing a gun at him.

Before the shooting, he demanded Godwin say Joy Lane, the name of Stephens' ex-girlfriend.

Ducharme said his supervisor was the one who talked with Stephens.

In a separate video, Stephens claimed to have killed more than a dozen other people.

The worker, who recognized Stephens as the wanted Cleveland Facebook killer, is credited with stalling him at the drive-thru window Tuesday so authorities could have extra response time.

A state trooper eventually forced Stephens to stop by using what police call the PIT maneuver, in which a pursuing auto can force a fleeing vehicle to suddenly turn, causing the driver to lose control and stop.

The Wall Street Journal reports that at least 60 videos depicting murder, suicide or other sensitive material have been broadcast on Facebook Live since January. "Period", Cleveland's police chief said.

"In addition to encouraging Stephens to turn himself in, Debbie Godwin voiced her forgiveness, saying, "(Y) ou know what, I believe that God would give me the grace to even embrace this man. The behavioral health agency where he worked said an extensive background check before he was hired turned up nothing worrisome.

"There might be people out there in similar situations and we could find out why he did what he did", said Williams.

The chilling video was on Facebook for three hours before it was taken down.

Within a day, authorities expanded the search nationwide and offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

"There is a lot of work to do here", he told a developers' conference.